Lake Texoma Fish Species – White Bass

Lake Texoma Fish Species: White Bass White bass are the fifth most preferred species among licensed Texas anglers. Schools of white bass feeding on shad generate much excitement in the fishing community. Once a school has been located, successful nglers often fish the surface with spoons or spinners. Bottom fishing at night with [...]

Lake Texoma Fish Species – Spotted Bass

Lake Texoma Fish Species: Spotted Bass Despite the fact that spotted bass are not nearly so large and numerous as largemouth bass (in Texas their maximum size is less than one-third that of largemouth bass), they are excellent fighters. Spotted bass are very popular in east Texas, particularly in the Sabine, Neches, and Cypress [...]

Lake Texoma Fish Species – Largemouth Bass

Lake Texoma Fish Species: Largemouth Bass The largemouth bass is by far the most sought-after fish in Texas. When anglers were asked to "name the fish you prefer to catch in freshwater in Texas," they chose largemouth bass three to one over striped bass, four to one over white bass, nearly five to [...]

Lake Texoma Fish Species – Smallmouth Bass

Lake Texoma Fish Species: Smallmouth Bass The smallmouth bass is generally green with dark vertical bands rather than ahorizontal band along the side. There are 13-15 soft rays in the dorsal fin, and the upper jaw never extends beyond the eye. Micropterus is Greek meaning "small fin" [see Guadalupe bass for further explanation]. [...]

Lake Texoma Fish Species – Striped Bass

Lake Texoma Fish Species: Striped Bass The striped bass is he largest member of the sea bass family, often called "temperate" or "true" bass to distinguish it from species such as largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass which are actually members of the sunfish family Centrarchidae. Although Morone is of unknown derivation, saxatilis is Latin [...]

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