Lake Texoma Fishing After the Flood “Good News” for 2017 Summer & Fall!

Time to catch y’all up on Lake Texoma fishing after the flood of 2015, and all that Mother Nature has done since then to bring a balance back to our favorite north Texas striper fishing hole called Lake Texoma.

Although many devastating things occurred: destroyed roads and bridges; flooded homes and businesses; and changes in the lake that spoiled fishing for many months to follow, Mother Nature is a cycle that usually rebalances. The Summer of 2017 looks like the result of that long awaited rebalancing, which, when combined by lower summer temperatures has resulted in better than usual seasonal fishing!

Lake Texoma Fishing After the Flood

So, in spite of the terrible immediate effects of the Lake Texoma flood, and the numerous negative impact of its aftermath,  many wonderful things have now followed Lake Texoma fishing after the flood. While the lake was flooded and all that water was up in the trees and miles of grass, brush and undergrowth, the fish, and as importantly, their food, the shad (baitfish) all had a great spawn!

All their fry hatched out and moved into all that flooded stuff where they were safe from being preyed upon by larger fish. The result was an incredible surge of bait fish and young stripers due to the great conditions they experienced throughout the whole of 2016.

Couple that with 2017s unusually good summer fishing conditions and (cooler temps) and the fishing is incredible! Lots of smaller keeper fish and many big fish along with them, the big fish are normally not as easy to get in the heat of the summer.

Long story over, I write this to tell everyone how sure I am, after over 30 years as a Lake Texoma Fishing Guide (guiding on Lake Texoma through four big floods) that Lake Texoma fishing after the flood for the upcoming fall and winter fishing is going to be phenomenal! We should see easy limits of keeper fish early in the fall. Then as the water starts cooling into the lower 60 upper 50 degree mark during the months of November-February, the double digit-weigit-fish (10 pounds and up) will be feeding on all that mass of now grown-up shad and the trophy season should be just as incredible as the amazing summer season that preceded it!

Our fall and winter schedule is always busy so give us a call and come enjoy some of what I expect will be easily one of the best Lake Texoma guided striper fishing, (or smallmouth bass) seasons you have ever experienced!

Those who know me know two things (at least): 1) I don’t like to make predictions, and 2) I really don’t like to make predictions that are wrong. Make of that and my above words what you will.

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