Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Dan Barnett’s Fleet of Lake Texoma Fishing Guides represent over one hundred years of collective fishing experience on North Texas’ largest sport fishing lake. Dan’s boat skippers are professionals who are all equipped with the experience and tools needed to put you where the fish are and help you land them. Whether it’s your first striper fishing trip or your hundredth, these guys will provide the service you need to be successful. All of Dan Barnett’s Lake Texoma fishing guides are passionate about fishing, and equally passionate about making sure that everyone they take out on the lake has the best overall time possible.

Dan Barnett Lake Texoma Fishing Guide | Texoma Striper Fishing Guides

Captain Dan Barnett

I have lived and guided fishing trips on Lake Texoma for over 20 years. In my personal opinion, striper fishing on Lake Texoma is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures offered on the lake. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct my business on one of the best striper fishing lakes in the United States with liberal catch limits. Of the numerous striper guides providing services on the lake, I stand alone as the only guide guaranteeing you will catch fish or you do not have to pay for your next trip. As a professional guide, I promise you a true adventure, coupled with a safe and fulfilling Texoma striper fishing excursion equaled by no other service.

Jacob Orr

It is Dan’s expectation that as he slowly slips into retirement, that Jacob will be the one to keep his 40 years of hard work alive as “Dan Barnett’s Guaranteed Guide Service”. He is already the person who will immediately return your calls and inquiries and set up your upcoming trip! To top that all off he’s a great Lake Texoma fishing guide, and duck hunting guide as well. You will enjoy his company in the boat.

Jacob adds, “With over 11 years of experience guiding on Texoma, you can be sure that I will do everything possible to put fish in the boat and make sure your group has a fun, safe and memorable trip. I offer exciting trips that will leave you with a better understanding and knowledge of how fish bite at different times of the year and how to catch them year round”.

Tim ClineProfessional Fishing Guide

Tim is another of the hardest working fishing guides you’ll ever have the pleasure of being in a boat with! He seems to always be the one that finds ’em first. We really rely on, and appreciate, his helping us.

Roger Hill Professional Fishing Guide

Roger has been a giant part of my business for over 20 years, probably one of the best fishing guides in fresh water along with running an incredible deer outfitting camp during season!

Jodey Whitmire Professional Fishing Guide

I have had the pleasure of Jodey’s friendship and fishing guide help for many years. He runs his own full time guide service on the lake, and we are fortunate enough to have him help on our group trips when we need more boats with the right level of Lake Texoma fishing guide experience to represent us (and any other time he’s available).

Mike Scott Professional Fishing Guide

Mike is a 30+ year police officer, retired. (thanks for your service, Mike) who is also one of my best friends, he has been helping me part time for many years. I like to say we have him full time now but he won’t work that hard any longer! Ask for him and we’ll make him work!

Justin Wilson Professional Fishing Guide

Justin is the youngest guy on the Dan Barnett crew, and he’s “pure country!” He’s a super “kid” (at my age, most of you are kids) to be around. He really picked up the Lake Texoma fishing guide business quickly! Justin also does guided crappie fishing on Lake Ray Roberts for us, just ask if interested.

Kenneth Professional Fishing Guide

Kenneth came to Dan Barnett’s Guaranteed Guide Service thru Jacob, and what a great deal it’s turned out to be for all! Kenneth is a great fisherman, great guide, and great fun to fish with. We are proud to call him part of the team.